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Distinct taste & keen eye for detail

Established in 2015, Soigné Society, an affiliate company of TMC Creative Agency, is a design atelier that caters to brands that are lifestyle based, purpose driven, and community centric. We put great value in the design process, hence, we produce outputs that are meticulously executed. 

And because of our distinct taste and keen eye for detail, we aim to produce designs that are elegant, sophisticated, timeless, most of all,  authentic.

We specialise in content marketing ranging from branding, photography, content creations, social media implementations, to visual merchandising. 

Founder’s background

With a dream of becoming a philanthropist by 30 and being in the business for more than 4 years, Sharmaine Uy at 24 years old, has already conquered the design world. Having a degree in B.S. Advertising Management and graduating with honours in De La Salle University, Maine has even furthered her design skills by acquiring educations in various design disciplines such as Interior Design, Visual Merchandising, and Product Development. 

A traveller herself, Maine, has put her distinct feminine taste at the fore. Some says when she creates, one doesn’t need to know her personally to know that it’s truly her work. 

She has 3 successful ventures underTMCS Enterprise: Soigne Society, Filloneah Label, and Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food.